About Our Doctor

Gregory A. Libby, D.D.S.

img-doc_09Dr. Libby was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. He went to Iowa State University where he received a bachelor of science in biology in 1993. He then went to the University of Iowa where he received his D.D.S. in 1998. Before and during dental school, Dr. Libby was privileged to work in the UI Hospital Dental Clinic as part of the dental lab team. This clinic was mainly run by two prosthodontists who truly inspired him to continue his education to be able to provide the highest quality of care and with the greatest of integrity. Dr. Libby went on to complete a Prosthodontic residency at the University of Connecticut. After three years of intensive training, he moved to Phoenix, Ariz., in the summer of 2001.

Dr. Libby is married to Dr. Lidieth Libby who is a practicing pediatric dentist in the office next door. They have two handsome boys, Bennett and Brock. Bennett was born March 23rd, 2008 and Brock was born May 28th, 2010. They have brought much excitement to the Libby household. The Libby’s also work with an organization that provides medical and dental care to poor people in Mexico. They try to make one or two trips a year and are currently planning to build a dental clinic to provide year round care to the Mayan Indians in the Yucatan Peninsula. Please visit the website of International Medical Assistance to learn more: www.chosenima.org.